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write high-concept thrillers. Some might call them science fiction, but I prefer to categorize them as “high-concept” for the simple reason that today’s sci-fi is tomorrow’s reality. All my books portray outside-the-box concepts, while thematically every book I write is about the people. The characters are what matter first and foremost. I write high-concept thrillers in three categories: science fiction, geopolitical and crime. Those are normally viewed as separate genres, but what ties them together in my stories is the concept. If you’re interested in crime-thrillers, then the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels are perfect. The third novel in that series is being published in 2017. If you like outside-the-box stories – bordering on paranormal, then the Out-Steps Series would fit, or even The Buffalo Kid or Dead but not Gone – because those novels stretch the envelope. If you prefer classic science fiction, then my newest book, Earth Escape, takes you on a space odyssey unlike any.

Enjoy and feel free to drop me a message. Love hearing from folks!

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